There are hundreds of children who have been separated from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border, one of those parents is now here in Henderson.

The woman's lawyer asked that FOX5 only identify her as Olivia, and said her daughter is 5 years old. Olivia said she tried to come to America because of the violence in her home country of Guatemala. Olivia is currently in the Henderson Detention Center.

"I have been threatened by people, and twice I was attacked," she said over the phone. "One of the times I had to be hospitalized."

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In May, Olivia and her daughter were caught crossing the border into Arizona. That was the last time Olivia said she saw her daughter, more than 90 days ago.

"My daughter tells me she still remembers the day they took her away, she says she just remembers me crying," Olivia said.

Olivia's lawyer, Brian Ramsey, has been taking care of Olivia's case pro-bono. Ramsey said by any definition, his client is a refugee and one that has been treated poorly by our country.

"If you talk to her she will tell you she spoke to a social worker who said it'll be a long time before you get your child back and then laughed at her," Ramsey says.

Since the separation policy was put into place, 2,654 children were separated from their parents. Currently, 1,923 have been reunited, but Olivia and her daughter have not. Now, Olivia has been placed on the expedited deportation list, her lawyer said.

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Olivia's daughter was found in New York, and her brother went to go get her. While Olivia said she's happy her daughter has been found and is with family, Olivia wants her daughter back with her. A judge in San Diego ruled that the government needs to reunite families, but Olivia's lawyer said there is no indication they are going to be doing that in this case.

Ramsey said he has filed an emergency motion for Olivia to stay in Henderson until she gets her daughter, and a judge has agreed for now. They will be back in court on Friday.

Inquiries made to Henderson Detention Center for comment were redirected to Immigration and Customs Enforcement. ICE did not respond.

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