Loved ones are in shock after a North Las Vegas woman was killed by a suspected drunk driver.

Police said the suspect t-boned Donneka Harris on West Warm Springs Road, Thursday morning. That caused a chain reaction, involving six cars.

Xavier Christian said he and Harris met as teenagers. They’ve been close and stayed in touch, ever since. After hearing the news of her death, Christian said he didn’t get out of bed all day. He still can’t believe this happened to someone he calls such a kind and helpful person.

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“Diamond was her nickname,” Christian said.

And a diamond, she was to those who knew and loved Harris.

Harris, a mother of two, was killed in the crash.

“I feel like I wish this was a dream and we can all wake up and she’d still be here,” Christian said. “We’ll never get to talk to her again. We'll never get to be with her again. We'll never get to hear her laugh again. And it's just sad.”

Police said a suspected drunk driver was trying to get away from another mishap when she blew a red light and slammed into Harris’s car.

“It’s unfair,” Christian said. “It just seems like a life cut short by someone else's bad decision.”

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Christian said he saw the news on Facebook.

“I’m still in disbelief,” he said. “I’m so hurt for her family, for her children, for her wife.”

Harris’s sister told FOX5 the 32-year-old worked as a caretaker at a Valley hospice center, and she made an impact on everyone. It’s a sentiment that was echoed by friends.

“She just was a great person and it's such a loss,” Christian said. “I've never experienced a loss like this before.”

As Christian copes with the loss, he wants people to remember Harris as the bright, shining jewel they loved.

“It’s just a shame that such a bright diamond was taken out of our lives,” he said.

If you’d like to help the family, you can donate to the GoFundMe here.

As for the suspect, police have charged 38-year-old Sarah Lee with DUI and hit and run.

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