Brothers Osborne performed at Zappos Headquarters in downtown Las Vegas on Friday, just ahead of the ACM Awards this weekend at MGM Grand Garden Arena.

The band will release its sophomore album, Port Saint Joe, on April 20.

"They are the reigning (vocal) duo of the year, so we're really excited to have them on campus,” said Kristin Richmer, a marketing manager with Zappos. "I mean it's a great time for the city. We love to support the city in any way we can, so it just kind of was a natural fit for us… We're much more than just shoes!”

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The concert was also live streamed online as a part of Zappos’ FRYEDAYS music series.

"Those guys are so much fun. John (Osborne) is like one of the greatest guitar players," said Ransom Garcia with 102.7 The Coyote. "You're going to be at the show right? Trust me. This guy is incredible. He's one of the best musicians you will ever see. His guitaring is remarkable, and they're really good at Mario Kart believe it or not!"

Brothers Osborne is one of many country music artists returning to Las Vegas since performing at the Route 91 Harvest Festival on October 1st. This weekend's ACM Awards will be the first time many of them get to see each other since the shooting.

Garcia remembers that night well.

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"I left about 20 minutes before the guy started shooting. It was weird because the reason I left is because I forgot to record a commercial. If I would've recorded that commercial I would've been there!" he said. "I turned on you guys actually. I turned on FOX5, and I saw that you guys were already talking about it, and I immediately jumped on the microphone and started giving updates. I was learning about the events pretty much as the rest of the city was learning about the events. It was crazy."

Overall, Garcia said there isn't a better city in the world to host the awards, and he hopes this weekend is cathartic.

"Country folk, country fans, country artists, they are strong. They are resilient. So when you hear that phrase, Vegas Strong, it's true. And we're going to see that a lot in this show," he said. "It doesn't matter where they play, they always find somebody with a Vegas Strong t-shirt, and that's what's incredible about this. People who were at that show are going across the country because music is healing."

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