NV Energy reported more than 600 customers were without power after 13 power poles were knocked down by a forklift near Polaris Avenue and West Sunset road.

The power outages were first reported at around 12 p.m. in areas near Boulder Junction and West Russell Road and South Valley View Boulevard. There were still 346 customers without power as of 9:50 p.m. Friday. The company said it expects power to be fully restored there by Wednesday, Aug. 15 at 5 p.m.

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"He would have to hit that thing pretty hard to hit one and then knock the rest of them down," Stephen Kaufman, who works at a warehouse nearby, said.

"Our scanners are down. Our computers are down, so we can't do nothing right now," Jaray Lockhart, who drives a forklift for a different company in the area, said.

It even caused traffic lights near Sunset Road and Las Vegas Boulevard to go dark.

"They've got the streets blocked off, they're not letting people walk down that street. So I'm figuring there's too much electricity in the street for them to let someone actually walk down there," Kaufman said.

As of Saturday night, six out of the 13 power poles were replaced, according to an NV Energy spokesperson. Though it was unknown how Saturday's monsoon storm effected or hindered repairs.

According to a spokesperson from NV Energy, the forklift was not owned by the power company.

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