The new superintendent of the Clark County School District could be making some changes involving the CCSD police department. Dr. Jesus Jara, who started less than a month ago, visited the department for the first time Tuesday afternoon as a part of his listening and learning campaign.

Jara said he was impressed with the department's organization and commitment to the community.

"Where I came from, we had a small police department. It was something we were transitioning to," Jara said. "Here, it's a very comprehensive program which is really impressive."

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Chief James Ketsaa introduced Jara to many of the officers on the force and answered questions about the way CCSDPD operates. The two said they are looking forward to working on new ideas and programs together, including a new school-to-police dispatch radio system that would improve response times.

"An administrator of the school will have a radio that can talk directly to the dispatcher, just like an officer. So forget the landlines. Forget the cell phones. Forget any waiting on hold," Ketsaa said. "I would say (it would save) at least a minute or two."

"It's an exciting program that I'm looking to learn a little bit more about," Jara said.

Ketsaa said Jara also gave him the green light to move forward with plans to create the department's first K-9 unit.

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"Some sniffing around in the schools for explosives and guns and things like that," Ketsaa said.

CCSD Trustee Kevin Child also participated in the visit. He said the fact that Jara took the time to communicate and build relationships with police proves that he is already providing a much-needed morale boost for the district.

"Our safety is the number one factor when it comes to our schools and our children. If they're not safe, then we're in trouble," Child said. "(Jara) wants to be that quarterback, so he'll have the ball, and we'll see what he does, and hopefully we'll score a lot of touchdowns with him. So I'm excited."

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