Riding regional transit in the Las Vegas Valley just got a little safer.

RTC said it has officially finished a complete overhaul on its bus camera system, allowing surveillance to be monitored in real time.

RTC Technical Equipment Director, Carl Scarborough, called the change a huge improvement to security. Scarborough said the change was in response to a barricade situation from March 2017. When a man shot and killed a tourist on a bus, ultimately shutting down part of the Strip for hours.

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“Law enforcement was trying to decide how to respond,” said Scarborough. “Who was still on the bus, and because of the tinted windows that we have to have in our climate, and sometimes we do advertising on the side of the bus, it made it really hard for police to see inside.”

That is why RTC and Metro teamed up to make a $200,000 change to the bus surveillance system, which now allows police to monitor what is happening inside buses in real time.

“We had already put wireless routers in all of our buses, which gives our customers free access to the internet, while they’re riding the bus,” said Scarborough. “We were able to take a cable, and connect those two devices and upgrade the software.”

RTC has 440 fixed route buses and they’re all ready to go with eight to 12 cameras on each bus, depending on the size of the bus.

“We have shown Metro what it’ll do and we have shown them camera angles,” said Scarborough. “Fortunately we haven’t had to use it yet.”

The buses are already equipped and out on the street serving the public.

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