For years, convicted murderer Scott Dozier has said he wants to die. He could get his wish next week.

The Nevada Department of Corrections released its "Execution Manual" on Tuesday, which documents how the state plans to kill Dozier. He was convicted of a murder in Arizona, as well as a murder in Nevada. The packet is a step-by-step guide detailing how the execution day, July 11, is expected to play out.

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It mentions everything from when Dozier will eat, to when he will be given the first dose of the lethal drug cocktail intended to kill him.

The drug cocktail has been a point of controversy and court appeal over the last year. The state plans to use the sedative midazolam in its combination of drugs.

The midazolam takes the place of a different sedative, diazepam, which was supposed to be used in Dozier's execution last year. However, the November execution was delayed after appeals regarding the drug cocktail, and state officials said the diazepam expired in April.

According to the Death Penalty Information Center, midazolam has been used as the first drug in executions in six other states, and it has been linked to controversial and sometimes botched executions as well.

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According to the Tulsa World, midazolam was used during the execution of Clayton Locket, where Locket mumbled, gasped and attempted to get up after he was supposed to be unconscious. According the documents obtained by the World, the warden described the execution as a "bloody mess."

The ACLU of Nevada issued a response to the state's planned use of midazolam in Dozier's execution. It read, in part:

"The drug has been connected to several botched executions with torturous deaths—so much so that the state of Arizona agreed not to use it again. Today’s revelations highlight the risk the state is taking with this experimental execution and further underscores the importance of transparency in this process."

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