Las Vegas Metro police on Wednesday released additional audio files and body camera footage from the response on 1 October.

Police released 35 audio files of 911 calls and 19 videos in the most recent distribution of files related to the mass shooting on the Las Vegas Strip that claimed the lives of 58 people and injured hundreds more. It was the seventh batch of records to be released by the department.

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The recently released videos showed victims of the shooting being hauled into vehicles, first responders, and others giving aid to injured victims. Body camera footage also showed officers near the Mandalay Bay in the line of fire, with at least one officer suffering a gunshot wound.

The separate clips show the following:

Body camera footage from an officer in one of the first medical triage locations. The shooting is still ongoing when victims pour into the area . The situation is hectic as ambulances hadn't arrived, but many citizens stop and ask how they can help.The officer tells a few men to stand guard and yell or tackle anyone should they attack them. Body camera footage from an officer inside the grounds shows him ducked behind a food truck yelling at people to run. At the time, the officer and another discuss the possibilities of three shooters. Footage from an officer's body camera is at a triage location near the airport. The conversation appears to be about an officer's wound, however it is not seen. Body camera footage shows a group of officers behind cars in front of Mandalay Bay. They scream at others to not converge in front of the property. At one point, an officer said they believed to see the shooter in the window and eventually they run to Mandalay Bay to search for him. A woman named Brittany identifies herself as the director of guest experience for Mandalay Bay to an officer and says she needs to get in to speak with the Vice President of the hotel and the FBI. They don't let her through until an officer escorts her. Body camera footage shows Officer Brady Cook get shot in the arm outside of Mandalay Bay. His partner rushes him to the hospital, telling him to stay awake while talking to him about his family, girlfriend and pets. At one point he asks him if he loves being a cop and the injured officer responds “I do.” Then the other one says “This is why we do this.” An officer inside Mandalay Bay is explaining to another officer that he was in Mandalay Bay when the shooting started for an "in custody" call. When he heard the shots he started running through the hotel because he said he thought they were coming from the festival. Halfway through, the hotel the security guard with him said the shots were coming from the 31st floor. He starts to say “We then tooled off…” but then the other officer stops him and says “Body cam?” and he turns it off. At that same location, two body cameras show different officers in the stairwell up to the 32nd floor when the door is breached. The group of officers get in an elevator after and someone tells them all to turn off their body cameras. Officers are outside of Mandalay Bay and have an intoxicated man detained, asking multiple questions about the shooting. At one point, officers point to a female officer and say it was her first day on the job.
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The police department began to release records related to 1 October after courts order the release of public records.

Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo has banned comment from the department about the material., according to the Associated Press. The FBI has also declined to comment. Both agencies said they don't have a motive for the attack and the investigation is ongoing.

Authorities said the gunman, Stephen Paddock, acted alone in the shooting and the attack had no link to international terrorism.

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