Parked cars can hit deadly temperatures in just a matter of minutes, so what should you do if you see a child or pet locked in a hot car this summer?

Tim Szymanski with Las Vegas Fire and Rescue said you can break into a car to free a child who's suffering in the heat.

"A child unattended in a car and it looks life their life is in danger and it appears that they're lifeless, you're covered by the Good Samaritan Act to rescue that child,” Szymanski said.

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However, it can be a different story for pets, in that case only first responders and animal control have authority to break into a car.

"The car owner might figure you're breaking into their car, if you're carrying a gun or something they're liable to do something to you, you should leave that to authorities to take care of,” Szymanski said.

Szymanski has heard of two cases in the last few days where people have tried to break into cars to rescue animals.

"If there's a dog jumping up and down and its licking at the window I'd use 311. If the dog is panting real bad and falls over and looks like it’s about to die I would call 911 and say this is really an emergency,” he said.

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Along with trying to find the owner, Szymanski said stay on the phone with police and record as much of the situation as possible.

“Tell them what you're doing, if you have another person with you videotape everything record it keep that going until police arrive on the scene and you can show police the video tape that can be used in court and can be used to protect you,” he said.

These apps can be used to help: Kars4Kids, Precious Cargo and Child On Board.

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