On Wednesday night, the Golden Knights introduced General Manger George McPhee, Head Coach Gerard Gallant, and some of the players one final time, as a way to say 'thank you' for all the support throughout the season.

"These folks have been with us since day one,” Golden Knights President, Kerry Bubolz said. “They're here at all the events, here at all the games, at all the watch parties we did during the playoffs. Really makes us proud to be associated with this city and this organization."

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"Just the guys holding their sticks up, saying 'thank you.' We're the ones who should be holding up our sticks and saying 'thank you,'" one Golden Knights fan said.

"We're here to support them no matter what, that's why we're all here, they're going to give us a thank you, but we're here to thank them."

"They filled our hearts with so much joy and for them to have gone so far, just miss the prize by so much, and then to turn around and do this even though they didn't have to, this is the most world class NHL organization in the history of hockey as far as I'm concerned," Golden Knights fan, Sheri Aldrich said.

"The fans have been thanking the team all year and I know the organization wants it to be the other way around,” Golden Knights broadcaster, Dave Goucher said. “They want to thank the fans for what has been unbelievable support through this first season."

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The heat ramped up on Wednesday, but so did the energy on Fremont Street as hundreds of fans spiked in front of 3rd Street Stage.

Despite the heat, tons of Golden Knights hockey fans showed up for the Stick Salute to Vegas and fans from the team, and at least one hockey fan had the right idea celebrating in the heat.

“I’ve got six bottles of water in my backpack here,” Matt Helfst, a Golden Knights fan said.

Paper fans were given out free to cool off the crowd.

“One hundred eight degrees today: it’s supposed to be insanely hot,” Helfst said. “Stay safe out here and also support the team.”

Helfst was supporting the team, that took the NHL by storm and stole the hearts of fans from the valley and worldwide.

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“It was fantastic,”Jim, a hockey fan from Canada visiting Las Vegas said. “I really enjoyed it. It made the Canadian rinks look like a funeral home or something. I’m not kidding you.”

The D chose a smart location for the party.

“We chose this area because it holds a lot of folks,” Jeff Victor, President of Operations at The D Las Vegas said. “We did the fan fest in the same exact spot, but the temperature under the canopy is typically about 20 degrees cooler than it is outside so we’re not worried about that at all.”

The event on Fremont Street Experience lasted about 90 minutes, and both the Golden Aces and Knight Line performed along with an appearance from Chance the mascot.

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"I don't think you can let a season like this go by without some final bow on it, congratulating everybody involved," Goucher said.

"How we helped redefine a city. That's something our organization takes a lot of pride in,” Bubolz said. “It's something that every single day we talk to people and hear different stories about through the team they were able to connect through different people."

"Vegas is my hometown. I've been here for 50 years, I'm so proud to call the Golden Knights my hockey team and they are the reason we are Vegas Strong. They are the reason," Aldrich said.

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