On Tuesday, Nevadans took their first step to choosing a new governor, members of congress and deciding multiple vital local races, including sheriff.

Temperatures topped 105, but that didn't stop people like Anne Phillips from getting out and urging people to vote.

"We can't give up!," she said to voters walking into Galleria Mall.

Phillips set up outside the mall to take advantage of the new rule which allows voters to vote at any polling station, not just the ones by their house.

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"People don't understand how important primaries are!" Phillips said. "If you don't get the right people on the ballot, then you're stuck with what you got."

Phillips already voted, and said she's been getting others to the polls. She talked to shoppers walking into the mall, and took time to go over people's ballots with them.

Inside the mall, lines were short and poll workers said things were moving smoothly. Poll workers said it's likely lines were short because of the huge early voting turn out. More than 100,000 voted early for Tuesday's primaries.

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