Things have been heating up in Pahrump after a push to ban brothels. The group “Citizens Against Brothels” started a petition to get the ban thrown on the next ballot, but not everyone agreed.

The petition had more than 600 signatures Wednesday. It needs 1,963 by June 15 to be added to the ballot.

Kay Landwher is part of the group aiming to shut down these places once and for all. She ministers at brothels and said she’s seen the damage the brothels do to women.

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"These brothels are not a good thing for the community and they’re not a good thing for the women who work in them," Landwher said.

She said having legal brothels seems to put a stamp of approval on sex trafficking. She also said many of the girls still have pimps and are being treated horribly.

However, at South Valley Baptist Church, Senior pastor John Morris said “no” when he was asked to pass the petition around his congregation.

"It’s kind of like, well, 'Why are we focusing on one thing? I just don’t think that’s how if we're to be Christ-like, that that’s what Christ would be doing," Morris said.

He pointed out Nevada has gambling and drugs, and said alienating one group isn’t the way to go.

"It would fall into the gospel where it teaches, ‘Let he who is without sin cast the first stone,’" Morris said.

Morris also said safety is a major factor.

"There would be no more weekly health checks, or whatever they do where it's regulated. They would find a place whether it be Backpage or Craigslist or whatever," Morris said.

However, the people who signed the petition think there’s already no regulation, and that the voters should decide what they want.

"This needs to go to the people. What do the people want?" Landwher said.

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