Kids got a sweet reminder of the rules to follow when using crosswalks in their path to school.

This is part of an overall joint force campaign to keep kids safe due to the number of fatalities in Southern Nevada. The intersection at Silverado Ranch Boulevard and Jack Leavitt Street is noteworthy following the death of a 9-year-old who was hit and killed while riding his bicycle at the end March.

Niccoli Franklin was traveling north in the southbound lanes of Riverdance Avenue, near Maryland and Silverado Ranch, when he was hit. The driver of the car was stopped at a sign, checked for oncoming traffic to her left, but told police she wasn’t expecting anyone to be coming from the right.

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Franklin got wedged and stuck in the car’s tire well.

This was the final crosswalk campaign of the 2017-2018 school year and the doughnuts also serve as way to thank the kids who are safe on the streets.

“What a great positive experience for law enforcement and students,” said Brandyn Dente, President of Look Out, Kids About, a coalition dedicated to children getting safely to school and home again.

Officers from three agencies joined together to deliver this critical message and ticketed both drivers and pedestrians disobeying rules.

Last year, in Clark County, 78 people lost their lives as pedestrians, 10 of them on the sidewalk, 5 of them school age students. Though Metro’s numbers are slightly under 2017, year to date, the total numbers for Clark County pedestrians are very close to last year, including 3 school age children and a toddler.

Nationally pedestrian fatalities rose sharply in 2017, but at less than half the rate of Clark County, where a whopping 38.7 percent of fatalities were those on their two feet; nationally that number rose to 16 percent.

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