In less than a week, Las Vegas will be dripping in glow sticks and multi-colored costumes for EDC weekend.

However, there is a lot that goes into preparing for the Electric Daisy Carnival, the biggest live event in the valley since the Route 91 Harvest Festival.

For Community Ambulance, the goal is to make sure everyone walking through the EDC entry gates know that first responders are taking measures to ensure safety, but they’re not only making sure patrons are okay, they’re getting ready mentally and making sure their staff is up for this festival after working through Route 91.

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“We literally are providing services for a small city,” Glen Simpson, Special Events Manager for Community Ambulance said.

It’ll be all hands on deck for the ambulance company, but they’ve been preparing for EDC for months.

“We sit in rooms and work through various situations,” Simpson said. “What that would look like to keep all attendees safe.”

Simpson said that getting ready for EDC feels different this year, and it’s the first large-scale event for the company since they were the official ambulance at Route 91.

“You know, it was a difficult night, it’s a weekend that I’ll never forget,” Simpson said. “Unfortunately I lost a friend that night, he was among the 58 that were killed, so it definitely brings a level.”

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Their job isn’t easy, and it’s even harder through trauma.

“I have a lot of friends that come to this event,” Simpson said. “Its definitely every EMS’ worst nightmare what happened that night.”

But it’s an experience that’s helped them grow.

“You know, one of the things we learned post the shooting internally, is that there is really no timeline on when everything is going to be okay,” said Simpson. ”It’s proven to be difficult for some of our staff.”

Preparing for this festival has gone a lot further than their everyday emergency response training.

“We believe at the end of the day, should we be faced with any incident or issue then we’re prepared for it,” said Simpson. “We’re one big family and we’re here to support each other and we look forward to a very successful event and we couldn’t do it without our community partners out there.”

Those community partners, including Metro police, North Las Vegas Police, Nevada Highway Patrol, the fire department and even the FBI have been working for months to make sure things will be safe.

Metro will also have officers positioned at EDC pick up and drop off hotel locations monitoring that area as well.

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