Police say Anthony Wrobel went to Sunset Park armed with a gun, and a plan to murder his bosses one month ago. The Venetian was having a company picnic when investigators say Wrobel walked up, asked where his bosses were, then shot them.

"This was not a random act of violence," Metro Police Captain Robert Plummer said shortly after.

Mia Banks was one of the intended targets, she was shot in the head. The other target, Hector Rodriguez was also critically injured and shot in the stomach multiple times.

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As those gunshots rang out, Parks Officer Anthony Guerrero was nearby. Guerrero was the first person to respond.

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"When I got there, people were running toward me, people were panicked," Guerrero recalled. "I could see two people down, and a woman running at me covered in blood."

Even though Guerrero was there within minutes, but when he got there, the suspected shooter Anthony Wrobel was gone. Guerrero then began focusing on the victims. He also called for backup.

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"When I got there Officer Guerrero was doing CPR on [Mia Banks]," Captain Wade Barnheart said. "I had a trauma kit so I began sealing the male's gunshot wounds."

Mia Banks did not survive, but it's likely Hector Rodriguez did because of Officer Guerrero and Captain Barnheart.

Beyond treating the victims and securing the scene, they were also able to relay vital information to dispatch which helped lead to a multi-state manhunt for the shooter. Anthony Wrobel was arrested four days later in Texas.

On Tuesday the Clark County Commission wanted to thank Officer Guerrero and Captain Barnheart for their heroics that day. In a ceremony, they were given medals and were thanked by the commission.

The two officers said while they appreciate the attention, they said it's not necessary.

"We appreciate it but this is just what every officer does," Guerrero said.

Captain Barnheart echoed those sentiments.

"We are not heroes, we did our job. We are police officers."

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