A man was taken into custody for allegedly impersonating a Las Vegas Metro police officer after he pulled over a driver on the roadway using red and blue strobe lights in west Las Vegas.

Allen Isaacson, 24, faces a charge of kidnapping and impersonating a public officer. An arrest report said the victim, McCall Rollins, was driving home when a red Toyota turned on the red and blue lights behind her on May 8. Rollins proceeded to pull over to the side of the road on Sunset Road, near Fort Apache.

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Isaacson approached her window, stated that he worked for Metro and said he pulled her over for swerving in the travel lanes. Rollins handed Isaacson her drivers license and registration after he demanded to see the paperwork. He walked back to his vehicle with the documents.

Rollins began to get suspicious when she noticed what Isaacson was wearing: a white or gray shirt with a safety vest, blue jeans and a holstered handgun on the right side of his hip. She then exited her vehicle and asked Isaacson to provide proof that he was an officer.

Isaacson showed her an identification card in a plastic sleeve that listed his name, a title of Metro Roadway Supervisor and a badge number. Rollins took a picture of the ID card with her phone, an arrest report said.

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After Isaacson returned Rollins' documents, she left the area and called 3-1-1 to report the suspicious stop.

Metro detectives conducted an interview with Rollins at her home. Based on her account of the incident, detectives tracked down Isaacson.

At a later date, a detective conducted surveillance at an address linked to to Isaacson. As he watched the residence, Isaacson exited a car that matched the description provided by Rollins, the report said. The car was equipped with strobe lights inside the front grill, an overhead light bar hanging on the visor and a reflective vest behind the driver's seat.

The detective also noticed the holster on Isaacson's hip. After matching the above observations with the victim's description, the detective knocked on the home's door and took Isaacson into custody.

According to the arrest report, the handgun was a BB gun.

Isaacson later admitted to pulling over Rollins to police because she had cut him off and wanted to check if she was "ok." He added that he knew what he did was wrong but he never intended to inflict harm unto Rollins.

He is scheduled to appear in court for a preliminary hearing on May 24.

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