A debate on whether the Clark County School District should have a gender diverse policy dragged late into the night at Thursday's board of trustees meeting, ending with the approval for the "creation of a policy, regulation and guideline documents."

Hundreds of parents, students and community members came out to voice support and opposition to a transgender policy during a public comment period that lasted for hours.

"It's those who will abuse this policy if it's put in place and then my child is no longer safe in a place she should feel safe," one parent opposed to a transgender policy said.

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"She is not a boy looking to assault girls in the bathroom once she gains access. In fact since she’s been living as a trans girl, she was assaulted twice by kids at her school," a parent of a transgender student said.

A policy, that still needs to be drafted, could include allowing transgender students to choose their own pronoun, and use the bathroom and locker room with which they identify.

The 4-3 passing vote from the board of trustees only gives the go ahead for the superintendent and administrators to start drafting a gender policy.

When a policy is created, it will be brought back up for a discussion at another public meeting.

ACLU of Nevada Executive Director Tod Story issued the following statement:

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We applaud the Clark County School Board of Trustees for taking this important step to protect vulnerable students as required by state law. The ACLU of Nevada worked for months with the district’s Gender Diverse Working Group, and it is heartening to see the board finally adopt our recommendations. We understand gender identity can be a confusing and uncomfortable topic for those whom are unfamiliar with LGBTQ communities, and we’re grateful to the trustees who recognized the need to train faculty to protect at-risk students.

A decision was previously postponed.

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