Hundreds of people showed up to the Clark County board of trustees meeting on Thursday, Feb. 22 ready to voice their opinions on a whether the district should adopt a gender policy.

The meeting was so crowded that people spilled into overflow rooms, and some waited outside.

"The school district has to take a stand for human rights and take a stand for their student community and protect the students who can be demonized and picked on," parent Sandy Johnson said.

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Johnson's 14-year-old daughter is transgender. She said schools need policies in place to help protect these students.

"If she's forced into her feminine attire to go to the men's bathroom, I think that targets her more so, than if she was just able to be who she is," Johnson said.

Opponents expressed concerns over changes to bathrooms or locker rooms.

"We want a policy that actually protects every one's privacy, while we want transgender students accommodated in private facilities. we don't want to mix a biological male with a biological female so we want those accommodations to be private and not invade the privacy of other students," Karen England with Nevada Family Alliance said.

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While CCSD Is considering making its own policy, a bill passed by state lawmakers requires the Nevada Board of Education to make a policy protecting transgender students.

"We don't know why Clark County is insisting on jumping ahead of the state when in just a few weeks they're going to come out with a list of mandates," England said.

CCSD has already held seven public meetings on the topic. Tonight's vote would have meant approval for the district to start drafting a gender diverse policy. However, hours into the meeting trustees took it off the agenda.

"We did have some concerns that it might be a violation of the open meeting law but also the trustees wanted to make sure we were in a venue to accommodate people who wanted to listen in," CCSD spokeswoman Kirsten Searer.

The school board president announced a meeting will be held to discuss the issue at a larger venue. A date has not yet been scheduled.

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