A man convicted years ago for killing a 22-year-old, chopping up his body, and then putting it in a suitcase said he is ready to face the death penalty next week. Still, attorneys are arguing over which drugs will be used to kill Scott Dozier.

Dozier attended what was expected to be the final court hearing of his life on Wednesday. Judge Jennifer Togliatti had him video conference into the hearing from prison.

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The convicted murderer was handcuffed to the table, smiling as he spoke to a prison employee in the background during the proceedings. At most points during the hearing he appeared very engaged. At other times, he looked restless. At the end of the day, he asked Judge Togliatti to waive him from having to attend any more hearings.

Attorneys have been arguing whether a paralytic can be used, for the first time, as a part of Dozier's lethal injection cocktail. The execution is scheduled for Nov. 14.

Dozier has said repeatedly that he does not want to file any appeals. Still, because his scheduled execution is voluntary, anyone administering the lethal injection must stop if he changes his mind.

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He promised that he will not falter on his decision and that there is a "98.76 percent" chance nothing will change. He has said he is determined to die.

"I want to absolutely go through with this on the 14th of Nov.," Dozier said. "I would request that we do it without the paralytic, but I more than anything want it to be done on the 14th."

"The execution isn't going forward if I don't have a signed protocol, signed by the warden," Judge Togliatti said. "It's not going forward, if I have to hand-write my own order and fax it myself."

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Dozier said he would prefer to spend his final days talking to family and getting his personal affairs in order instead of attending court hearings. Judge Togliatti said she simply wanted to see Dozier one last time to make sure he was set on his decision.

"I am very clearly, loudly, and in the interest of abundant, clarity saying no," Dozier said. "I'm not going to change my mind. I am still resolute and steadfast in this, and my primary goal is to get this done on the 14th and be able to tend to my personal needs."

Judge Togliatti was expected to make a decision on Thursday as to whether the paralytic can be used. The next hearing has been scheduled for 11:00 a.m.

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